Johannesburg South Africa Temple

Johannesburg South Africa Temple
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Non Toxic Homemade Antibacterial "SOAP"

I made my own liquid hand soap which was because of someone else's finding and sharing a recipe of course on Pintrest, but mine has my own little twist because I used an Essential Oil called  On Guard  it is so amazing. There are antibacterial properties in this soap and it does not make my little guys hands crack and bleed from using it. It's helped keep my kids from getting the flu this year and the ones that did get the flu were only sick a very short time. With 7 kids, 6 of them boys that's a feat I would say.
So here goes sharing my own Non Toxic antibacterial liquid Soap from our house to yours.

1 Bar of no scent soap,  I choose Ivory because it's known to not cause allergic reactions as often.
2 Tablespoons of Glycerin bought at the store in the Pharmacy area.
1 Gallon of boiling water. Boiling is important because you want all microbes to die so that they can't produce when all mixed together sitting in the soap dispenser.

Shave the soap then place shavings in the water until dissolved, I stirred it and then let it cool all night. See in that big silver pot.
Next morning I took my beaters mixed it up to break up all the chunks.
Added 30 drops of the On Guard Essential Oil that comes from doTERRA.
 Go click back there on the word doTERRA to get some of your own.
It has a very clean grapefruit,clove, cinnamon smell to it.
Go here get some of your own it's totally cool.

Why use that essential oil?  Well its incredible properties and qualities are all listed at this LINK, and this LINK and this LINK (this one has medical research tabs to look at) too.
Try you own soap and then make your own nontoxic antibacterial soap that won't make your kids hands crack and bleed. And if thats a pain you can see other ways that its made to help keep a body healthy click  HERE.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Smells like a hit: Sox players help test theory jasmine can improve hitting

                    Smells like a hit: Sox players help test theory jasmine can improve hitting ( hit link to read Readeye sports headline)

I wanted the headline pictures, to this article, ah well. I can just see what this headline has created at my house with the soccer players and the wrestler boy. Here we come smelling sweet for the Utah Summer Games. All because of this impressive headline.
The boy on his head happens to be C boy.

Number 14 using  his foot eye cordination is Mc boy.
Ya they are going to be all about advancing  the games they are in by making sure they smell some Jasmin first.
Here is where you get that amazing Essential Oil with Jasmin in it, Whisper from doTERRA(link back there) 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Deep Blue Rub can help Wrestlers

C boys story of wrestling this year. Right off into the first of the season he was unable to wrestle because of an injury that was sustained to his shoulder, this involved an orthopedic opinion and release to be allowed to wrestle after 3 weeks. Finally when the time came he got back to the fun of rolling on the mat.

Caleb loves this sport with his whole heart. His shoulder was healed but tender, he was careful with it.

As he built strength we came to learn about this essential oil called DEEP BLUE RUB (link back to info) it comes from doTERRA Essential Oils (link back to info) 
an amazing company that has such a wealth of healthful products. He used it on the shoulder and it helped him to get stronger and stronger, keeping pain at bay without having to take painkillers. Ibuprofen does a number on my kids causing nose bleeds. Not to mention a wrestler isn't eating well during matches so there is not food in the gut to buffer when taking the Ibuprofen so tummy issues happen. I am relived to have a pain relief that is safe and not harmful to his body now.
Lets go on to say that he made it to State and was to take 2nd in his weight bracket of 113lbs if all went well which it didn't. He sustained a injury called subluxed shoulder where it dislocated coming out of the socket and going back in. That's good but he had to forfeit the match dropping his placing. Then he had to decide if he was going to still wrestle and of course there is no stopping him. He held his own coming out placing 5th which bugs him but he did it injured and all. He attributes the ability to using DEEP BLUE RUB (link back there on that word has lots of research info on this product) all night and day and even out on the mat for every match there after during the State competition.

CALEB says "Deep Blue Rub makes it so the pain is manageable and goes deep into the tissue helping in so many ways." It lasts longer then all the other kinds of brands that can be gotten to help pain on the outside along with lasting in warmth and then ice cold for so so long and it helps heal the injury".
So now you know how a wrestler feels about that amazing product. We found out later that a young man who was there and lives in the North Sevier school took a State top placement and and uses the Deep Blue Rub also. Now if only I could figure out who he is I would have his testimony on here to, ah well maybe another date.
Here is another persons testimony of use and how he feels about the benefit of DEEP BLUE RUB.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tailbones and Essential Oil Info.

Have you ever hurt yourself so bad that you wish there was a thing called a time machine?
 That's me this past two weeks. I was doing the laundry, dirty cloths collection thing you know. I began to walk down our staircase carrying a bucket filled with laundry and the next thing I know, wam, slam I was sitting, well flayed out in the middle of the staircase with the clothing on top of  me and bucket rolled to the side with a very big owie sitting  in my brain. Lets just say tailbones rule a large amount of movement in the human body and was mine ever in pain.  It's broke and it hurts, my main relief came from using doTERRAS Deep Blue Rub.  Deep Blue is amazing and if you want to know more go here put  on search bar and you will be amazed. If you want to try it on any acheing muscle or hurting bone and even sore shoulder pain email me and I will send you a sample to try. Its that incredible!
 I am healing faster because I have kept the inflammation down by using Essential oils. If you want  to learn more please listen to the Doctors info here. Number 1 Video on inflammation. Number 2 follow up about the inflammation prevention. Number 3 video on inflammation and viruses.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Yep that's what I said Happy New Year. Where has the time gone since my last post  I don't  know.

 I will be back posting if I can ever steal a min with the  computer and our internet connection. We live rural so its not wifi and so all the computers in the house have to share which we went from none the week after the Missionary came home to three all of a sudden wow. Its really hard to live with out the technology these days but our household tried for at least 3 months and went out of our home to access the net but then the Dad said enough was enough he needed to do bills and taxes.

Missionary work is still going on strong at our corner of the world. Return Far away boy Tyrell the Past Elder Jones helped teach our cute little cousin and my niece the lessons and then on Christmas Eve we had the baptism and on Christmas Day she got the best gift of all the gift of the Holy Ghost. What a sweet day to be able to remember forever and the best present you could ever receive.Tyrell did the confirmation in sacrament meeting and it was special.
 I loved that Christmas moment the most.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back in Business

Without a computer lets just say there are no posts and that's where we have been for the last little while.

Having a missionary blessing at our house meant that many of our machinery's stayed in working order, this was our blessing that we can now in hind sight come to understand.
When our son came home the list of break downs skyrocketed:
Swather died,
Farm truck blew some part, still trying to fix that one.
All of a sudden computers crashed and died dead.
Red horse hauling truck can not get replacement tires to save its life so it sits until we find some.
Wow lets just send that missionary back out we need the protective blessings that come with having one.                                                                                                          

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shall we see a Real Elder Price not a stage Elder Price? Lets compare the Broadway show to real mission life.

So you want some other truth about what its really like to serve in Africa, This is a great article done to compare and contrast the Book of Mormon Broadway Musical to a real Elder Price that serves.

The first part of the Real Elder Price here
The second part of the Real Elder Price here

Loved these stories and wanted to share.